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DunlopThe history behind Dunlop Tires is a rich and warm one. John Boyd Dunlop created his first tire in the 1880s for his son's tricycle and in 1888 the company took shape in Dublin, Ireland. Early in the creation of his tire, John Boyd Dunlop had the pleasure of seeing a professional cyclist, Willie Hume, win a number of events on his tires proving that they had what it takes. Dunlop Tires were the first to begin using canvas and steel rods, being the innovators to build a product that outlasted all the competition.

The name Dunlop continues to stand for innovative materials, quality and safety. At Midwest Car Care, you can find Dunlop Tires in all shapes and sizes and for every type of budget. Explore our inventory of Dunlop brand tires today. If you need service beyond that including tire repair, tire rotation, tune ups, wheel balancing, tire installation and anything of the sort, contact us!

We currently serve the Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Champlin, Coon Rapids, Ham Lake and surrounding areas.

dunlopwinterSP Winter Sport 4D Tire

These performance Winter/Snow tires are a great balance of sleek, low-profile tires that give you the traction you need during those winter months. These tires will perform in low temperatures and in terrain from dry roads to wet, slushy or snow-covered tracks. When you're ready, you can reserve and purchase these on our website.

  • With V-shaped grooves, these tires are enhanced for better traction
  • Unique tread compound sticks to wet and icy conditions
  • 4D sipe system delivers better shoulder area to enhance braking and acceleration in icy conditions

dunlopsignatureSignature™ Tire

The Dunlop Signature™ Tire is just what it says, a definitive signature to the brand. This tire will impress with its specs, handling and quality. Read more details below to find out what it can provide your ride. When ready, explore it's additional specs and our availability.

  • Distinct sidewall construction provides a better ride
  • Stability rib keeps you on the road and delivers driving feedback
  • Evaqua Grooves™ is built to release water and provide all-season performance

If you have any questions, explore the links above or contact us so we can help. Otherwise, we look forward to getting your car up and running on the best wheels available. 

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