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Charles Goodyear spent his life building and conceiving the best weather-proof rubber compound he could and inspired the start of what is now known as the Goodyear Tire Company. Though Charles Goodyear's work took place in the early and mid-1800s, the official start of the company began in 1898. With one location and just 13 employees, the company started with a focus on producing bicycle and carriage tires and, surprisingly enough, poker chips. From there, the sky was the limit. Goodyear became the largest rubber company in 1926 and produced notable products for decades to today.

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Midwest Car Care is pleased to be able to offer a variety of Goodyear tires. Ready to know more? Explore the highlighted tires below and view the full inventory now.

Eagle® F1 AsymmetricTire

The Goodyear tire comes equipped with a Tread Life Limited Warranty you'll feel secure, secure and supported. Dig into the additional features below and get an estimate today on the Goodyear Eagle F1 All-Season tire today.
  • Great handling on wet and dry roads provided by asymmetric tire tread.
  • Superb dry traction with more rubber on the road for your safety.
  • Eligible for a 45,000 mi./75,000 km Tread Life Limited Warranty
  • Eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty


Eagle F1 Asymmetric Tire

  • Asymmetric tread has an outer tread zone for dry grip and inner tread zone for water-shedding.
  • Active Cornergrip® Technology helps gives you better cornering and overall grip.
  • Next-Generation polymer tread compound gives you wet traction.
  • Rim Protector gives an extra buffer against accidental curb damage
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