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Air Filter Replacement

Did you know that your vehicles air filter should be replaced every so often? Because your vehicle's engine runs off fuel and air, it's important that it gets the proper ratio of each. A dirty or clogged air filter can contribute to a decrease in your vehicles performance. Though the air filter is a simple replacement, replacing the air filter when it's time to has many benefits. A few benefits to replacing the air filter are:

Increased Fuel Efficiency:

  • Having a clean air filter promotes increased air flow to the engine, which allows it to operate properly. As a result, you will get better fuel mileage, stronger acceleration and a longer engine life.

Reduced Emissions:

  • Because clogged air filters reduce air flow to the engine, it's almost as if your engine is choking. This affects the emission control systems of a car because of incorrect air-fuel mixture.

Prolongs Engine Life:

  • The air filter is designed to trap damaging dirt and debris that can damage the internal aspects of your engine, such as cylinders and pistons.

When is it time to replace the air filter? One simple check is to simply take a look at your engines air filter. If you can see a large amount of dirt and debris, then it is time to replace the air filter. Though your air filter may look clean, it is recommended that the air filter be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles or every 3 years. Maintaining your vehicles air filter will allow your vehicle to run stronger and longer. Give us a call at (763) 434-3110 today to set up your appointment! We recommend planning your air filter replacements around the same time you get your regular tune ups or oil changes. This way you're able to keep record of when your air filter was last replaced.

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