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Belt/Hose Repair in Ham Lake by Midwest Car Care

The belt and hose system of your car plays a vital role in giving you the safe and reliable ride you need. An important thing to remember is that the belt and hoses of your car will need replacing and more often than any other part. Though many car repair projects might feel overwhelming, replacing a belt/hose is project that our expert team of technicians at Midwest Car Care can handle in a snap!

Our auto repair shop is located in the Ham Lake, Minnesota area and love providing friendly reliable car repair services to our community. Located outside of Ham Lake? Don't worry! Our convenient location allows us to serve folks in Minneapolis, East Bethal, Blaine, Coon Rapids and more for all things car repair! Contact us for a service appointment or to answer any questions you may have.

Why do I have to replace my car belt and hoses?

Curious why your belts/hoses have to be replaced from time to time? Exposure to heat or to extreme cold can cause the materials of your belt and hoses to become brittle causing them to leak or fray with time. When that damage occurs your car can experience a wide variety of issues ranging from smoke from under the hood to sputtering to stalling. Before the problem worsens, give us a call! Our staff can inspect your belts and hoses to ensure there are not any current problems and help you decide the best way to repair your car if there are safety concerns now.

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